Welcome To My Photography Website

This photography website commenced on November 20th 2016. The images here are now in the public domain so there are no copyright restrictions on them, I hope you find these images interesting and they are"free" for you to use if you like them! If you download any images you are free to crop, change them to black and white or change the images in any way you wish. At present I'm using my SONY DSC-HX60 camera for shooting images but I hope to buy a SONY RX100 Mark V soon. So, here are some images to begin with...

Bournemouth Beach Land Train

DSLR, Camcorder Or A Compact Camera For Photography?

I prefer a high quality compact camera to a DSLR or camcorder because of convenience and less weight, the fact that a compact camera can go in your pocket is great for spontaneous or candid shots. Camcorders are really meant for video although most do have a stills photography option but I feel this option is only for casual photography and the quality won't compare to a high end compact camera. If I had a DSLR camera then I may be tempted to by more lenses etc. than with a compact camera with a fixed lens and a good zoom. I don't need super 500mm lenses to get close to something half a mile away, my photography is reasonably close up so I can forget about a camera bag with 3 or 4 lenses in it. Also, when changing lenses on DSLR's you're exposing your sensor and camera interior to the outside world and this may allow dust to get on the camera sensor. On the topic of sensors, remember to research the size of the camera sensor before buying. Yes, it's true that in general compact cameras do have smaller sensors but the high end compact cameras such as the SONY RX100 Mark V do have large sensors which will compete alongside many DSLR's. If street photography is your scene then a compact camera wins in every way! 


Convertible Jaguar Car

Is A Tripod Essential For My Photography?

Absolutely! A tripod is needed in low light situations when camera shutter speeds have to be long and so the tripod will prevent hand held camera shake, a tripod also helps you gain better focus with less image noise. There are many uses for a tripod even in daylight including, architecture, food, landscapes to name but a few. Always use a tripod when your subject is motionless, even on gusty windy days a tripod can still shake and it's not uncommon for people to use sandbags around the legs to brace their tripods. If using a tripod this will allow you to use a much lower ISO which will give you better contrast and color saturation and you will also have less noise or image grain.

If your camera has image stabilization then you should switch it off, this might not sound right but the camera may still blur an image as it will still be looking to stabilize the subject that is already stabilized. It's also a good idea to use the self timer for about 3 seconds so that you're not touching the tripod when the shot is taken.If you're going to be using your tripod outdoors you should get a heavy duty tripod to take windy days into account but if you're work is always indoors then you don't have the 'wind factor' to take into account so a lightweight tripod may be better for the job, your tripod should also have a good ball head on it so that you can compose your shot with ease.

Bournemouth Pier, England

Can I Make A YouTube Video With Just One Picture?

In a word, yes you can. Many 'YouTubers' make videos with just one or more pictures which compliment the music or soundtrack of the video which they have uploaded. The image below is just a section of an amazing painting in the public domain by Edwin Longsden Long (1829-1891). Sometimes images are better in videos than an actual video recording.

So, don't rush out and buy expensive video recording equipment just yet if you're new to YouTube. Experiment with your iPhone camera or such like and once you think you have an image(s) that speaks a thousand words then look in the YouTube music library for royalty free music to match your image and you may just have viral video going for you!

Take a look at this video below with just one still image. This video has made millions of views on YouTube but I must say that professional digital recording equipment was used to produce the soundtrack. If you're interested in recording your own soundtrack then you can get fairly good quality inexpensive digital recorders such as Tascam and Zoomrecording devices.


Tires For Recycling


Tulip Garden